Oversized Stuff

Now that October’s almost done, everyone’s starting to prepare for that cold, chilly weather. Time to find those leather jackets, ankle and knee-high boots, fuzzy socks, sweatpants, and of course those comfy oversized hoodies, hiding in our closets.

Nowadays, the LA weather is getting pretty chilly and it recently rained. I mean, California weather, in general, is bipolar so, who knows. I spend almost my whole week in the Santa Monica area, near the beach so, it’s always windy and cold.

I’m probably one of those girls who have a closet filled with all kinds of jackets, sweaters, crewnecks, hoodies and etc. Such a big fan of hoodies though. They’re my go-to outfit whenever I’m too lazy to figure out what to wear for the day. I, myself, even shop for hoodies in the Men’s section. I feel like those are way better than Women’s hoodies, I don’t know, just a personal preference.

Why oversized?

Well, when wearing big sweaters, it’s usually when I’m just chillin’ at home with my sweatpants on and hair in a bun. For this semester, I have early classes and they’re the worst. And I’m really not a morning person either so, I tend to rely on my oversized hoodies and pair them with leggings and my hair up. Quick and easy outfit right? Well, if you’re a guy, of course you don’t pair them with leggings. I see a lot of guys who wear them with ripped jeans together with their best sneakers on. I love the look! Ripped jeans give off this more stylish look than plain jeans.

When picking a hoodie, I like almost every color but my favorite would be the dark-colored ones—Dark Blue, Dark Green, Dark Gray. Although, I’m picky when it comes to the texture of the inside of the hoodie. There are some that feel grainy and those are the ones I prefer, and there are some that feel like a fleece or a cotton candy, or something like that. Those feel sort of uncomfortable for me but, a hoodie’s a hoodie 🙂

Word of Advice? If you don’t know where to get the best quality hoodies, you’d have to take me with you.



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