Little Alone Time

Hello everyone, it is Tuesday morning and I am currently spending my time at The Americana at Brand alone. It’s always fun to hangout with friends and family so that you can treasure more and more memories with other people. But, they don’t always have the time to go out and spend the rest of the day with you. So, this is the time where you can have your little alone time.

“Where to go though?”

I usually go to cafés to finish any work undone, there’s also the mall where I can walk around and find new things, I’ve tried hiking by myself and it felt relaxing for some reason because it gave me the time to think about things; explore those new restaurants or “spots” that your friends have been posting on Instagram and Snapchat, or if you have your own go-to place then, you can always go there too.

Being alone at a certain place does not automatically mean that you are a loner, it just means that you chose to enjoy the day with no one. Through this, you can have the chance to think about things deeper without any distractions. You can always explore new things on your own. It can also help you stop your procrastination for a little bit, which is great.

Take advantage of these times because I personally like some alone time as well. I have learned to enjoy the little things by myself without company. It is nice to feel that you can do things without the help of someone, especially when you used to do everything with that ‘someone’ and not anymore. You can’t always think that they’re going to be there forever, you need to learn how to be independent. Don’t get me wrong, of course it feels amazing to do wonderful things with someone but, if it’s time for them to leave, then you’d have to accept it.

I learned this the hard way and I’m sure lots of you did too.

Now, plan the rest of the day! Go out and have fun in your little alone time!




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