Go-to cafés

Hey guys! Now that school has started again, cafés are starting to get more crowded as students flock to the nearest coffee shops. We all know that if you’re a student, you definitely look for WiFi immediately wherever you go; not just a student but everyone nowadays. All of us have our iPhones in our hands, carrying our laptop bags because a homework is due tonight and so, we must make a quick stop at the coffee shop.

Getting tired of that café you always go to? Here are some of my favorite cafés in LA:

  • Starbucks

I’m sure every single one of you knows Starbucks. It is one of the most popular coffee shops in the world. The U.S. has by far the largest number of Starbucks locations. Make sure you know about their secret menu.

  • Nordstrom eBar

Every Nordstrom store you go to, there is now a mini café either inside or next to it. I think this is pretty convenient for shoppers when they need to finish their business online.

  • Caffé Bene

Photo by Belen R.
This café might be unfamiliar to most of you if you’re not from LA or South Korea. It was started in Seoul, South Korea and now they have expanded in LA, NYC, and throughout Asia. This café is my absolute favorite because of the atmosphere and its unique look. Love their iced mocha!

  • Stumptown Coffee

If you like going to hipster coffee shops, this is the one for you. I don’t usually go often here but when I’m in the area or a famous Instagrammer is there at the moment, I’m there. Great coffee selection and environment for those who want to explore DTLA.

  • Verve Coffee Roasters

Photo by Tiffany S.
Verve has this simple but very neat look inside. Sometimes, there aren’t any avalaible seats because it is usually packed but, it’s a perfect place to study, browse the web or chill. Getting their nitro cold brew is a must!

Don’t forget your laptop and charger!

Have fun café hopping!


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