Jesus Sandals

People are going crazy for these so-called “Jesus sandals,” known as Birkenstock. Birks are originally from Germany and they have absolutely provided a huge selection of sandals for men, women, and kids. 

Here in the City of Angels, it definitely counts as a bandwagon. Summer is almost ending and now we are ready for the Fall season, and Birks are still on the loose wherever you go. These sandals are perfect for a stroll down the pier or by the beach, a quick run to the convenient store, going for that casual look to the mall, or even a bum day inside your home.

I, myself, own three pairs of ‘Arizona‘ soft footbed sandals. They’re in Black, Brown Nubuck, and Taupe Suede. 

Birks can be bought from local Nordstrom stores. These babies cost from $95-325. Yes, they cost up to that much. The 300-dollar ones can be found in Barney’s New York and they come in leather with studs around them. But, I personally like the suede, soft footbed ones for a casual look and comfort. 

You’ll most likely see me wearing them very often, usually because I’m not in the mood to wear sneakers having to tie my shoelaces or if I’m running late to school.

Now run to a Nordstrom near you and check ’em out!



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