Fall 2016

Here comes another year of stuDYING, doing homework, finishing lab reports, meeting up with your lab partner, writing essays, buying those expensive textbooks, and having scary professors. I have mix emotions with this upcoming semester and I’m pretty sure we all do. We feel pumped and motivated but at the same time, there’s the chills and fear.

These emotions are all normal. You are not alone (RIP MJ). But, do not be worried. Everything has its pros and cons.

Let’s start with the pros:

  1. You get to meet new people! Meaning new phone numbers (*wink wink*), more Insta, Twitter & Snapchat followers.
  2. You’re finally done with that one class you hated from last year.
  3. You get to start over with anything. Start fresh. Eat fresh. Subway. Haha!
  4. More and new experiences!!! Y’all know what I’m talking about. Hopefully. Forget curfews, whaat aree thooosee?!

And there’s the cons:

  1. You might not meet new people if you’re anti-social. Hopefully not. Meaning no new people to text and no new followers. 😦
  2. There’s a possibility that you’ll have that one girl/guy you hated from last year in your class again. Sucks for you.
  3. It might seem that it’s impossible to start over but, it is NEVER too late!
  4. And again, please don’t be anti-social or you WILL miss out on a lot of things. . .


Word of Advice? Choose the cutest lab partner yo because you will be with that person for the whole semester. Ya feel? Well, you gotta have Chemistry first. Get it? Like the class Chemistry and that other Chemistry thingy. LOL. You laughed, shut up.



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