5-day-weekend: What to do?


Let’s stop right there for a second. You’re probably wondering why it says 5. Well, it’s Labor Day weekend meaning no school on Monday. Yay! Then school on Tuesday. Not. For. Me. Ha! Since I have no classes on Tuesday, I’m off that day as well so yay me!

Most of you are probably on your way to Nocturnal at this moment, some are driving up to Vegas for the weekend, and the rest are still wondering of what to do in the holiday. Well no worries, I’ve got you covered.

Be a beach bum for the weekend

Who doesn’t like the beach right? I recommend going to Santa Monica. I know I know, the water is dirty there blah, blah, blah, but it’s fun to visit the Pacific Park as well where you can find rides, midway games, seaside shopping, musicians by the boardwalk and of course food. Just grab those 3 S’s: swimsuit, sunscreen, and sunglasses. . . And you’re ready to go!

Explore art at the museum

No, this is not the world of Tron (I wish it was). This immersive work is the Factory of the Sun by Hito Steyerl and it can be found at The Museum of Contemporary Art located in DTLA. Also, there are much more incredible arts at The Broad, which is right across from MOCA. So why not start reserving for tickets now?! Bring your friends and cameras!

Plan a getaway trip

If museums are not your thing, I’m sure a weekend getaway is. I love LA but, it is nice to get away for a bit, especially from all that traffic. If your friends are at Nocturnal right now, there’s no need to feel upset because Vegas for the weekend is like no other. If Vegas is too hot for you, visit NorCal! Still not satisfied? Get your passports ready because you’re getting out of the country!

Go on a food trip!

Yes. This is the sh*t. I’m pretty tempted myself to go alone actually. I don’t know, we’ll see. But a big yes to food trips. Hands down. I recommend you guys visit the Farmers Market located at The Grove. They’ve got this favorite donut counter of mine called Bob’s Coffee and Doughnuts. There you can find fresh, made-right-here donuts and a wide selection of premium coffees and teas.

To all my SGV peeps out there, I’m pretty sure you’re all aware that the 626 Night Market is happening right now from Sep 2-4 located in Arcadia. This event provides the largest layout and most vendors ever. It is the start of Fall semester but it still feels like Summer so, invite your friends and family to enjoy this jam-packed event full of delectable foods, imaginative crafts, talents, and arts!

There are lots of things to do out there so, don’t be shy and just go out! This is the time where you can relax and take a break from all the hassle on the first week of school. Take advantage of it and do not stay home all weekend.

Enjoy your little break guys!


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