Palm Springs


Mount San Jacinto State Park

Palm Springs was one of the places I visited over the summer along with my best friends. At first, I was a little hesitant because of its extremely hot weather and from what I’ve heard, there’s really nothing there but a desert. But I was completely wrong. . .

This city is actually one of the most-visited spots in California when people want to experience a little extra heat during the season. The scenery and atmosphere here is incredible where it makes you feel like life has no flaws, no rough roads. Palm Springs is the perfect place where you just want to take a break from things and get that vacation you’ve been needing (or wanting), well, in my case, both.

Driving from Los Angeles, due to the never-ending LA traffic, took us almost 4 hours just to get there. Well, we did leave on a Friday so, that was pretty stupid of us. But who cares! It was summer! I actually didn’t mind getting stuck in traffic because if you’re with your “squad,” it’s pretty much lit for the whole ride (I’m sure you get what I mean).

Word of Advice? Please please please bring sunscreen, unless you wanna look like a burnt tomato.


Gossip Girl. . . just kidding.



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