Back-to-School Shopping

It is again one of the busiest days of the year and everyone is gathering at shopping malls, Staples, IKEA and busy online shopping. Incoming high school freshmen start buying new clothes because they are finally done with those boring uniforms from middle school. Aside from those occupied college students looking for the perfect apartment and roommates, they still have to go furniture shopping for their dorms, which I think is pretty exciting!

This is the time where I’m very excited about even though school is just around the corner. Why? I get to buy new clothes and. . . clothes! Who doesn’t like new clothes right? Ha!

Anyways. . .

When some people hear that fall semester is coming and it is time for new school supplies, they have that “idgaf” mood about it because we all know that not a lot of people are fond of school. But, I am the total opposite. I’m usually the person you see often at boba spots and coffee shops doing my own thing BUT, when it comes to back-to-school shopping, I am definitely there.

Just the think of the new smell of clothes, notebooks and textbooks (I know, it’s kinda weird), it makes me feel ecstatic about the upcoming semester even though it reminds me that I’m almost graduating from college. (T.T)

Word of advice? Don’t forget to buy new earphones and an extra charger for your phone! I recommend buying a portable charger for your own convenience. Actually, just take me school supply shopping. You’re welcome.

Oh, and try not to drop out on the first day.

Cheers to fall 2016!


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